How does the ClinOpsClarity Framework work in Practice?

Our question-based framework helps clarify what a smart outsourcing and collaboration option would look like, assisting you to make the right decision.


  • Focus areas

  • What’s the specific outcome you want?
  • Outcomes

  • Gaining real clarity

  • Focus areas

  • Is your study design positioning you for success?
  • Outcomes

  • Ensure true patient centricity

  • Focus areas

  • What are the really important questions to ask?
  • Outcomes

  • Focus on the elements that really matter.

  • Focus areas

  • What needs to be challenged? Bid defence preparation and participation.
  • Outcomes

  • Identifying the smart solutions. Cutting through jargon to clarify what exactly is being offered.

  • Focus areas

  • Setting yourself up for success, what and how will you know?
  • Outcomes

  • SOW* evaluation. Robust KPIs* and reports. Robust oversight model and laying foundations for strong partnerships.

  • Focus areas

  • Are you getting what you wanted?
  • Outcomes

  • Delivery to plan.

RFP = request for Proposal

*RFI = request for Information

KPIs = Key Performance Indicators

SOW = Statement of Work

The Steps

  • 1.

    A series of initial questions and checkpoints to establish the requirements of your project and challenges, including: engaging and recruiting patients, making use of new technologies and your appetite for risk.

  • 2.

    Ensuring the patient experience is at the heart of the process through optimising protocol and study design e.g. entry criteria, visit assessments and schedule.

  • 3.

    Landscape analysis. RFI optimisation, asking the questions that really matter.

  • 4.

    RFP review and analysis. Bid defence meetings preparation, aligning on key areas to explore further e.g. strategy, tactics and outcomes. Recommendations for which vendors and solutions to choose.

  • 5.

    Contract and SOW review, ensuring all relevant challenges are appropriately addressed, potential risks identified and mitigation strategies are in place. Creating right conditions for a high performing partnership, including Kickoff meeting ensuring alignment, shared goals, appropriate behaviours and an oversight model with clear accountability.

  • 6.

    Review and assessment of initial oversight reports. Ongoing periodical review and support to ensure the project is on track and that the vendors and solutions providers are delivering the desired outcomes.

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