What is the ClinOpsClarity Framework?

Using the six-step ClinOpsClarity framework we identify what questions to ask, and when, enabling successful delivery against your pre-defined value drivers. (Time, Cost and Quality).

The focus will be on 3 Key Areas:

1) Outsourcing Strategy
2) Marketplace Assessment & Vendor Selection
3) Onboarding and Oversight

We unlock the essential ingredients for success and help surface unspoken or hidden issues that could hinder an open, transparent and trusting relationship with your CRO and solutions providers.

Ideally, we start at the concept protocol stage but can also support partnerships that aren’t delivering.

Our unique approach will help you navigate the identification, selection and onboarding of your outsourcing partner(s) and lay the foundations for a value focussed collaboration.

Our offerings

1) CRO and Solutions Provider Scoping and Selection

  • Gaining clarity on desired outcome, value drivers, services required and pre-engagement consultation
  • Building Request For Information (RFI) and landscape analysis
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluation and BID defence preparation/meeting

2) CRO and Solutions Provider Scoping, Selection, Onboarding and Ongoing Consultation

  • CRO and Solutions Provider Scoping and Selection
  • SOW evaluation and development of measurable reporting criteria
  • Developing optimal collaborations and partnerships
  • Review of ongoing reports and recommendations for adjustments and improvements
  • Optional ongoing project management assistance

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